The importance of customer identification upon arrival to boost customer loyalty

Customer identification is key to find out who is in your area, whether it concerns a shopping centre, city centre or if you are looking to use our identification system for city marketing. In all these places, Bank2Loyalty can play an essential role as one of the first touch points in the customer journey in order to enhance customer loyalty.

Customer identification at different touch points

You can identify your customers in various ways to find out who they are and to set certain actions in motion. Take opening a gate at a large shopping centre, for instance: all your customers will have to do is show their debit card, credit card, payment app or wearable to the Bank2Loyalty reader, and we’ll do the rest. If you already know the customer, the gate will open and their visit will be stored, so that you can keep track of all visits. If the customer is not in our systems yet, they can identify themselves in a matter of minutes by entering their mobile number.

When this customer enters the shopping centre, a second Bank2Loyalty reader will show them all on-going promotions at relevant stores, simply by showing the reader their payment method. This will tell you exactly who your customer is and will let you start sharing information, and fostering interaction between you and your customer and boosting customer loyalty.

As soon as the customer enters your store, you have another opportunity to provide information. Bank2Loyalty also plays a major role in the subsequent steps in the customer journey. Click on a specific step below to learn more:

  • 0 Arrival
  • 1 Entry
  • 2 In-store
  • 3 Checkout
  • 4 Post-purchase

Customer identification lets you know who is in your shopping and city centers. Bank2Loyalty can provide this identification at the first touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Data from the customers who are (or have been) in your store provides insight into who your customers are and what their needs are. Bank2Loyalty optimizes and streamlines this process.

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Customers in your store who feel heard and understood, come back more often. Bank2Loyalty contributes in various ways to improving the necessary customer interaction.

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Most interaction takes place between the cashier and the customer. Bank2Loyalty streamlines and increases customer loyalty through efficient customer identification.

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Even after a purchase, you want a customer to keep coming back. Customer retention is one of the most important pillars of a loyalty program. Bank2Loyalty can also play a role in this.

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