Customer loyalty as a focus point at checkout

In stores, most interactions take place at checkout, in this case between the checkout clerk and the customer. Saving campaigns and other customer loyalty activities often focus on this point in the customer journey. Bank2Loyalty streamlines this process and is developed to make customer identification more efficient and thus increase customer loyalty. 

Process optimisation for greater customer loyalty

A lot of interaction takes place at checkout, making it a promising place to use Bank2Loyalty and increase customer retention. Here’s an example of how Bank2Loyalty could help you streamline your saving campaign for, let’s say, a free mug:

The customer arrives at checkout, presents their debit card, credit card, payment app or wearable to the Bank2Loyalty reader and immediately receives a notification asking them to join the ongoing mug saving campaign. The LCD screen of the Bank2Loyalty reader shows 2 buttons - 'yes' and 'no'. If the customer opts for ‘yes’, they’ll automatically be signed up for the campaign. A status summary of the campaigns the customer has already joined will also be shown on the reader, which means that customers can join and participate in several loyalty programs at once. This is particularly useful as it allows you to mix long-term and short-term campaigns, testing which campaigns work best for your customers and have the biggest impact on customer loyalty and retention.

After identification, the customer has their items scanned and pays via the checkout system, after which the points they’ve amassed for the mug saving campaign will automatically be forwarded to the Bank2Loyalty system. This immediately identifies the customer and initiates the rewarding process. We will make sure that the points, visits or qualifying spend are automatically added to the right customer loyalty program.

Once the customer has accrued enough points to get a mug, they’ll receive a notification on the reader. After receiving the notification, they can press ‘yes’ if they want the mug, at which point the cashier will be notified via the checkout system or merchant device that they can give the customer a mug. In other words: Bank2Loyalty merges the identification, information/interaction and redeeming processes. The entire process takes just a few minutes to complete, getting you one step closer to improving customer loyalty and retention.

It is also possible to use a digital voucher. The Bank2Loyalty reader has a barcode/QR code scanner which can read the code of the digital voucher and forward it to the backend for further processing.

Customers can either get their mug at checkout or from a machine that can be activated by scanning their payment method.

The free-mug campaign described here is just one of the countless possibilities offered by the Bank2Loyalty system. With scripting, for example, you can link several loyalty programs, customise the text shown on the reader and set up various campaigns and promotions. It's all up to you!

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