Know who is in your store to improve customer loyalty

Do you know who visited your store in the past or who’s there right now? These are valuable data that will give you a good idea of who your customers are and what they need. With Bank2Loyalty, you can optimise and streamline this process.

Smart customer identification for smooth onboarding and communication

A customer walks into your store. How valuable would it be if you knew exactly who they are and could tell them about specific, relevant promotions right away? By recognizing the customer’s debit card, credit card, payment app or wearable with our Bank2Loyalty reader, we can show all on-going promotions. Of course, all results will be tailored to the customer’s individual preferences.

New customers who are not yet known to Bank2Loyalty will be sent an onboarding notification. All your customer will have to do is enter their mobile number and we’ll automatically send a text message to complete the identification and onboarding process. From then on, you can decide which promotions are shown (for which the customer can sign up right away) and which communications to show on the reader. All to boost customer loyalty.

However, Bank2Loyalty isn’t just valuable when customers enter your store. From in-store sampling and review handling to checkout processes and post-purchase retention improvement, Bank2Loyalty has visible added value every step of the way. 

  • 0 Arrival
  • 1 Entry
  • 2 In-store
  • 3 Checkout
  • 4 Post-purchase

Customer identification lets you know who is in your shopping and city centers. Bank2Loyalty can provide this identification at the first touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Data from the customers who are (or have been) in your store provides insight into who your customers are and what their needs are. Bank2Loyalty optimizes and streamlines this process.

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Customers in your store who feel heard and understood, come back more often. Bank2Loyalty contributes in various ways to improving the necessary customer interaction.

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Most interaction takes place between the cashier and the customer. Bank2Loyalty streamlines and increases customer loyalty through efficient customer identification.

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Even after a purchase, you want a customer to keep coming back. Customer retention is one of the most important pillars of a loyalty program. Bank2Loyalty can also play a role in this.

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Wondering how Bank2Loyalty streamlines the onboarding process?

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