Innovative identification software for your store and customer loyalty

Increasing customer loyalty the smart way

At Bank2Loyalty, we believe in a totally digital customer identification solution that lets you enrich customer data, streamline promotions and increase customer loyalty. Our solution for your retail loyalty program is innovative and simple and relies mainly on the following:


Identify customers by payment method


Barcode & QR Scanner

Open API

Interactive Display

Custom made programs

Bank2Loyalty: digitise your loyalty program

With Bank2Loyalty, you can get relevant data from your customer at multiple touchpoints. From customer identification through smooth on-boarding, to interaction, rewarding and redeeming as part of your loyalty program.

Customer Identification upon arrival

Customer Identification upon arrival

Let your customers identify themselves immediately upon arrival by showing their preferred payment method to the Bank2Loyalty reader. As part of your customer loyalty program, this is especially useful if you want to find out who is in your area, such as in shopping centres and city centres, as well as for city marketing.

Onboarding and customer identification when entering your location

Onboarding and customer identification when entering your location

Onboard your customers right away with their preferred payment method and mobile number. This will let customers view your promotions, establish a connection between them and your shop (this tells you exactly who your customers are) and enhance your customer’s experience through your loyalty program (‘this shop knows who I am and understands exactly what I need’).

Sampling and order processing made simple

Sampling and order processing made simple

With Bank2Loyalty, your customers can simply use their preferred payment method to get a sample from a dispenser or have one shipped to their home. If a product is currently unavailable, all we need is the customer’s payment method and use the data we have on them to onboard them automatically.

Quick customer identification and checkout

Quick customer identification and checkout

With Bank2Loyalty, we use the customer’s preferred payment method to identify them and sign them up to your loyalty program. All their points will automatically be sent to the reader, so that consumers can check how many points they have already accumulated by joining a particular customer loyalty program. Their status will also be shown to the store employee, who can pick up on it right away.

Streamline the redeeming process within your customer loyalty program

Streamline the redeeming process within your customer loyalty program

If, after presenting their payment method, it appears that a consumer has saved enough points or stamps, the store employee can authorise them to take the promotional product in question. Points can also be used in in-store restaurants or for regional promotions.

We can identify all payment methods!

Bank2Loyalty works with all debit cards, credit cards, payment apps and wearables. All we need for fast customer identification is one-time verification by SMS.

Bank2Loyalty as a partner in an on- and offline ecosystem

At Bank2Loyalty, we believe that if you want to offer a comprehensive solution, you should work with expert partners. After all, that’s how you get the best end results whilst guaranteeing transparency and integration. We work with an open system in which our API provides access to our systems to third parties. Want to work with businesses of your own choosing? Sure!

Consumers have their say

We're excited about the opportunities we can offer, but are your customers? That’s exactly what we tried to find out with our qualitative consumer survey conducted by Flowresulting in January 2020.

Yes, it seems to me an advantage that by using the box with your debit card I am relieved of the amount of cards in my bag. Moreover, I regularly miss cards because I have not transferred them to another bag that I am using at the time. And it also takes time to find the right card, store it, etc. if I already use my debit card, it saves time.

Female, 64

Heavy user loyalty programs


I was too afraid of identity fraud, but I now think differently about that, this is the right, fast approach for all parties to enter the future innovatively.

Female, 45

Regular user loyalty programs


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