Easily improve customer loyalty with your in-store interactions

In-store customers are valuable, as they’ve chosen to enter your store to make a purchase. It’s key that customers feel heard and understood if you are to encourage them to return for a repeat purchase. How does Bank2Loyalty contribute to improving customer loyalty and interaction?

Encourage sampling to boost customer loyalty

Relevant campaigns and promotions provide an unparalleled opportunity for boosting customer loyalty, and sampling is but one of the many ways in which you can charm and entice your customers.


At Bank2Loyalty, we strive to make sampling even more effective by encouraging customers to actively participate in the process. Imagine the following situation: your customer is browsing your store when they see there’s a sampling promotion for a particular detergent. When your customer presents their debit card, credit card, payment app or wearable to this sampling station, Bank2Loyalty will automatically recognize it and dispense a sample or have a sample sent to the customer’s home address. Bank2Loyalty can do this because it uses the customer data linked to the payment method to onboard customers, which can also include requesting extra information such as address details, information about the customer’s family situation and additional contact details.

Order station

In addition to sampling, customers may also be interested in products that are no longer available in their preferred size or colour. When this happens, you can direct your customer to an order station, where they will only have to present their debit card, credit card or wearable to identify themselves, select the product and pay. The Bank2Loyalty system will automatically forward all relevant customer data to the order software, so your customers won’t have to enter their details a second time. Of course, they can change their details if they’d prefer to have their order shipped to a different address.


Asking for feedback from customers is a great way to find out if your customers are satisfied, what expectations they have and where they see room for improvement. However, setting up a survey to improve interaction and customer loyalty can be a time-consuming process. Installing a review or feedback station at a central location in your store can be a great solution. When a customer presents their payment method to a Bank2Loyalty reader, our system will identify them right away, after which you can ask them a few questions to gauge their opinion. This data is stored and can be viewed 24/7, so you can use the input for future optimisations. To reward customers for their input, you can link the feedback station to a dispensing station, where they can pick up a gift of their choosing after submitting a review. A real win-win situation when it comes to customer loyalty!

By intelligently deploying Bank2Loyalty throughout the customer journey, you can improve interaction and customer loyalty without requiring additional time or money. Curious about how Bank2Loyalty works throughout the customer journey? Click on the step in the customer journey that’s most relevant to your situation.

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Customer identification lets you know who is in your shopping and city centers. Bank2Loyalty can provide this identification at the first touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Data from the customers who are (or have been) in your store provides insight into who your customers are and what their needs are. Bank2Loyalty optimizes and streamlines this process.

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Customers in your store who feel heard and understood, come back more often. Bank2Loyalty contributes in various ways to improving the necessary customer interaction.

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Most interaction takes place between the cashier and the customer. Bank2Loyalty streamlines and increases customer loyalty through efficient customer identification.

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Even after a purchase, you want a customer to keep coming back. Customer retention is one of the most important pillars of a loyalty program. Bank2Loyalty can also play a role in this.

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