Merchant Device



The merchant device is a wireless device next to your POS system that's connected to the Bank2Loyalty reader making it possible to enhance customer data. When a customer identifies him/herself at the reader in order to collect points, the cashier will be able to send extra information from the merchant device to the customer.

It's also possible to enter new customer information to the CRM/CDP, like the shoe size or any other customer specific information.


  • Two way data / profile transfer  ​
    The merchant device is cashier facing so you'll be able to enter new information to the CRM/CDP enhancing the customer data.

  • Out of the box API connections​
    By entering the new information into the systems you know have a real 360 degrees customer view.

  • Open API
    Allowing customized programs and or integration with external systems.


  • Material: hard plastic shell
    Power: 5V/3A USB-C
    Internet: Bluetooth connected to the Bank2Loyalty reader

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