Continue to improve customer loyalty in the post-purchase phase

After a customer makes their first purchase, you want to keep them coming back! In fact, customer loyalty and retention are one of the key pillars of a well-run loyalty program. We wouldn’t be Bank2Loyalty if we didn’t have a way to help you maximise your opportunities.

How do you bind customers to your brand post-purchase?

To enjoy all the perks of Bank2Loyalty, customers only have to identify themselves with their debit card, credit card, payment app or wearable. Next, all they have to do to get a sample, use their points in an in-store restaurant or sign up for joint promotions in a specific region is show their preferred payment method again!

After your customer makes a purchase, this information is shown clearly in the portal of the loyalty program in question, in an app, or in the Bank2Loyalty portal. With our portal, customers can use their devices to check which loyalty programs they have signed up for, as well as their status, when the loyalty program has forwarded this information to the Bank2Loyalty system. This portal doesn’t have to get in the way of your own specific loyalty portal. In fact, we can combine the data collected in our portal with the data on your portal!

Of course, customers can update their details in our portal themselves, which is especially convenient if they have a new mobile number, for instance. With each successive identification, the data known at that time are retrieved, ensuring that all data are up-to-date at all times. Customers can also use the portal to unsubscribe from all Bank2Loyalty’s services.

Bank2Loyalty serves multiple touch points within the customer journey: from arrival and entry to in-store communications, checkout handling and post-purchase retention. With our reader and online environment, we’ll help you get more out of your loyalty programs, now and in the future! Want to know more? Click on the step in the customer journey that’s most relevant to your situation.

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Customer identification lets you know who is in your shopping and city centers. Bank2Loyalty can provide this identification at the first touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Data from the customers who are (or have been) in your store provides insight into who your customers are and what their needs are. Bank2Loyalty optimizes and streamlines this process.

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Customers in your store who feel heard and understood, come back more often. Bank2Loyalty contributes in various ways to improving the necessary customer interaction.

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Most interaction takes place between the cashier and the customer. Bank2Loyalty streamlines and increases customer loyalty through efficient customer identification.

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Even after a purchase, you want a customer to keep coming back. Customer retention is one of the most important pillars of a loyalty program. Bank2Loyalty can also play a role in this.

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