• Table top version​
    The reader is a standalone device next to your POS system that makes it possible to identify customers.

  • Tile / check-in points
    In the near future we will launch the reader tile or check-in point which makes it easier to identify customers at the entrance of your shop or at a specific promotion column.


  • Two way data / profile transfer  ​
    The reader is customer facing so you'll be able to ask the customer a question in order to receive more data or to send out a promotion.

  • Out of the box API connections
    By connecting the reader to your CRM/CDP you'll be able to enhance or complement customer data. Bridging from online to offline and vica versa, now you have a real 360 degrees customer view.

  • Open API
    Allowing customized programs and or integration with external systems.

  • Customized programs​
    Launch customized loyalty programs instore or in the city center. By putting the Bank2Loyalty reader in a network you'll be able to navigate the shopping customer from one store to another. Benefitial for the whole shopping street.


  • Material: hard plastic shell with standard plexiglass base. Option e.g. RAM Mount (standard hole pattern)

  • Power: Euro plug 5V/3A USB-C; POE possible via splitter

  • Internet: Stable/reliable internet connection (preferably via cable, WiFi (SSID + password) possible)

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